My teacher is excellent in English and very patient . He has the ability to make anything just to understand him . The material provides all the Grammar,a lot of Vocabulary and Topics , the Facebook page helps me in lot of exercises, new vocabulary . Excellent Customer Care .

Esraa Eljamil, General English

My teacher 1-speaks English perfectly.

2-A very good listener.
3-have a perfect background about English.

The materials 1-I helps to speak English well, I noticed a difference in my speaking. Excellent Customer Care .

Nermeen Atef, Conversational English

As I benefit from my teacher as he corrects my mistake and my speaking and provide useful grammar. The material is very good as my instructor give me the material according to the topic we are about it, and  the grammar as well. I noticed a difference in my accent and some grammar. The Facebook page helps in some new adverbs and words. Excellent Customer Care .

Zeinab, Conversational English

I noticed a difference in my English for the grammar and Vocabulary it helped me to remember the rules and to start applying it in my language
for the conversation , Before i wasn’t able to speak English for A continuous period But now i am able to speak although it contains mistakes but i think it is good as a first step

Yasmeen Shawki, Conversational English


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